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The Delray Beach Community Land Trust is governed by twelve board of directors. Board Members commit to:


Each board member has a legal responsibility to participate actively in making decisions on behalf of the organization and to exercise his or her best judgment while doing so.

Duty of Loyalty

Each board member must put the interests of the organization before their personal and professional interests when acting on behalf of the organization, in a decision-making capacity.

Duty of Obedience

Board members bear the legal responsibility of ensuring that the organization complies with the applicable federal, state, and local laws in accordance with our mission.

Leadership Team

a great team of individuals who may debate vigorously in search of the best answers, yet unify behind the final decision.

Public Representatives

Represent the interests and perspective of the public via their past or present association with a public or private organization. The candidates selected in this category should be able to provide access to resources and/or technical expertise to support the mission of the DBCLT.

Generial / Community Representitives

Represent the interest and perspectives of the DBCLT membership and the communities within the city limits. The candidates selected in this category should be members in good standing supporting the mission of the organization and have a stakeholder interest in the city.

Homeowner Representatives

Represent the interests and perspective of the DBCLT’s homeowners and tenants. The candidates selected in this category should be current DBCLT homeowners or tenants supporting the mission of the organization.

The Delray Beach CLT



Herman Stevens Jr.
Attorney at Law
Public Representative
Anthony Holliday, Jr.
Vice President
General / Community Representative
Elton McGowan
Palm Beach County / Technician
Homeowner Representative
Thais Sullivan
Valley Bank-Senior Vice President
National Director of Community Lending
Public Representative
Nicole Elinski

Real Estate Sales
General / Community Representative

Dysonya Mitchell
Teacher-PBC School District
Homeowner Representative
Gary Eliopoulos
GE Architecture, Inc. / Owner
Public Representative
Vicki Hill
Boynton Beach CRA- Dir. Of Finance
Public Representative
Columbus Rollins
VA Medical Support Asst.
Homeowner Representative
Maire Anderson Brown
General / Community Representative
Pamela Brinson
General / Community Representative
Shelia Townsend
PBC School District Finance
Homeowner Representative
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