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Our mission

Our Mission is “To create healthy communities through the provision and preservation of affordable housing for very-low to moderate income households”. We continue to embrace a "comprehensive community development" framework, in which we focus both on People and Place to ensure that an adequate supply of quality housing is available in an array of designs and price levels to meet the needs of the very low to moderate income populations.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing promotes healthy stable living and a chance at creating individual wealth and Upward Mobility. Without affordable housing, households are weakened, disrupted, and communities deteriorate. Wage inequality, racial inequities and a shortage of affordable housing leaves household members in despair and or homeless.

Households paying over 50% of their annual household income are considered severely cost-burdened.

Now is a time

Now is a time when many parts of the country could benefit from having a larger stock of shared-equity homes. Since shared-equity homes remain affordable in perpetuity, this housing stock is not lost over time like most affordable housing. In fact, it advances integration by ensuring that affordable homes remain in neighborhoods that are experiencing blight, gentrification or that are rich in community assets.
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